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08 November 2008 @ 04:04 pm
'Venting' aka bitch session!  
I now, have no job. I went into work on Friday and my boss said to me...

'Aurelia. You're behind on 2 deadlines. The documentary world ISN'T going to stop if your friend dies of cancer. I'm sure there's someone else who could be there to hold her hand and hand her a tissue.'

And that's exactly what the son of a bitch said. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to say something but I knew if I did I wouldn't stop so I just walked away, finished the two documentaries I was in the process of editing and threw them at him after packing up my desk so I could walk straight out.

I did and the shocked look on his face. See, me, I'm the shy type... Well, most of the time that's why I'm 'behind the scenes' and I'm usually very obedient when it comes to work. I do what I'm asked to do and because I took pride in my work. There wasn't any pride anymore when my boss turned into a complete arsehole. The job I used to love became a horrible, horrible place.

Although, I can't entirely blame it on what my boss said to me last week. I was asked 'on the side' to edit a DIY porno. (NO! I'm not kidding.) My boss told me it was for a buddy of his. It's of him and his wife and they want to watch it on their anniversary. I laughed, I didn't quite think he was serious until he well, put it on.

The pervert's, the one on the video, name is 'Johnny boy'. He came to a work Christmas party once and I'm surprised he still HAS a wife. He was flirting with EVERYONE. Told our bosses MOTHER, she's 87 I think this year about his 'on the side' career.

DID I do it? Hell no. There's a pervert in our building who's also an editor that has a thing for 'Johnny boy's' wife. So, he did it if he could have a copy, he didn't even want the money. SO I weighed my options 'Do it myself and be disgusted by a rather hairy man and his rather unattractive wife doing the dirty' or 'Make Nathan do it and let him have a copy and keep the cash'?

Well, in conclusion I have 10 thousand dollars for the editing and I'm sure Nathan's getting something out of it that I don't want to imagine.

I'm going to find another job when the 25 thousand in my bank account dries up which will last well into the new year because I hardly spend my money at all. I'm a saver because I know if I buy one thing I'll buy a hundred things that I don't need.

In more positive news, my friend's going to be okay. :D!!!!! She had her follow up doctor's appointment on Friday and he's confirmed through so many tests that they got all the cancer in her breast!!! :D
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Yevgeniya: Stock : Orchidjane948 on November 11th, 2008 06:15 pm (UTC)
I would have done the exact same thing. I'm so glad your friend is ok, it had to be so stressful with all the tests and everything.